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   Lately I noticed that a lot of my work is shown by others on tumblr, websites and 
   blogs. I love it when people appreciate my work like that (it's a big compliment, 
   so thanks!) but unfortunately not everyone keeps the online etiquette in mind.
   I found this poster on The Yellow Umbrella today and I'm so happy this topic got 
   some attention. Pia Jane Bijkerk and Erin Loechner made it to point out the 
   importance of crediting artists on your blog. I'm so happy with this!
   Design*sponge and Chelsea Fuss wrote a good item about this topic too.
   And as far as my own work goes: of course you can feature it, I'd love that! (this means that you can 
    show it,  not use it or copy it...) But please please please include my name and link back to me. 
    I'm making a living with this stuff so this is very important to me. Thank you!

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