Cut magazine

   Before I became an Illustrator, I was working as a fashion designer and used to
   make a lot of my own clothes. Sometimes I dream of home made apparel again...
   Because I'm a bit lazy with sewing, I love the simple designs but not the ones in the
   regular sewing magazines that always look a bit 'not design like' to me (the
   disadvantage of being a visual person, sigh).
   But... Last week I came across this magazine, CUT, that made my day! Fresh
   modern stylish and simple designs! And not only that, great other DIY projects and
   good layout design too. The best thing about it all is that you can even order specially
   for CUT designed fabrics at, WOW! This even makes up for the fact that
   the whole zine is in german. Big hurray to the people at CUT Magazine for doing such
   a fab job! (Or should I say 'supertoll'?)


  1. Wow! I like to much the "brand" of your blog ! The draw is so original. Waterpaper??

  2. Thanks!
    Txell, do you mean by 'brand' and waterpaper, the banner or the design of my blog(host)?


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