Project process...


   I'd like to show you a bit of the process of my current assignment: making an accessory
   to a story about Amsterdam for the project Your mug is mosquito by Nienke Sinnema
   to promote the identity of the city of Amsterdam. The project will contain a book with 
   70 quotes, 10 themes and handmade products based on 6 stories of the city. The story
   I got is about the typical dutch barrel organs on the streets of Amsterdam and in
   particular about The Bandit.

   Because these organs are beautifully decorated (almost museum pieces), mostly
   handmade and something from the 'old days' I wanted to use a material that has a
   simular history and delicacy, porcelain. I'm making a group of brooches to wear
   together with illustrations on them that roughly show the story behind the barrel

   First I made flat round and oval piece out of porcelain molding clay (thanks to
   Willemijn for the clay and advice!). I experimented a bit with imprints of lace and
   vintage keys. After baking those I glaced them and baked that again. Today I'm
   starting on the illustrations and experimenting with transferring those onto the
   brooches... Keep you posted!

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  1. Nienke Sinnema4 April 2011 at 16:23

    I'm in love, can't wait to see more. You are a pleasure to work with Kim, thanks!

  2. Very nice to be able to follow the proces of this project!

  3. Ik ben zoooo benieuwd naar het eindresultaat!! Ziet er nu al mooi uit!

  4. Mooi project! En hou zo van porselein, mooi materiaal, zo mooi 'dicht' en transparant en klinkt zo mooi... groetjes!


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