Project process II

   Ok, here's the update on the previous project process post (so many p's!).

   After making the blank brooches, it's time to get started on the prints. First I made
   some sketches.  Then made the ones I liked agian with fine liner and scanned them.
   I added and changed the colours on the computer and printed it on ceramic transfer
   Now my favorite part: sticking the transfers onto the porcelain brooches!I first cut
   out every illustration, then soaked it in water. After about 30 seconds, took it out an
   put in onto the brooche and carefully slided off the back paper and made sure the
   surface is smooth without air or water under the transfer.
   Put it into the oven and here we are... printed brooches!

   But.. I'm not done yet... Because it's all about barrel organs I'd like to add some
   coins too, in this case old dutch money (before the euro we had the guilder).
   Did you know that during world war two it was forbidden to own a picture of the
   dutch queen? Therefore people made jewelry out of coins because her image was on
   it and that was the only way to show your loyalty!
   To add the coins, I made small eyelets (with a soldering iron) onto the coins, and
   attatched them to the brooches using a short piece of jewelry chain.

   The final thing is to make a nice case to put the brooches in.
   I'll show you the result soon...


  1. I love them!! Great job. :) Love the idea with the guilders too!

  2. Kim, it all looks so cute, you are doing a fantastic job, thanks a million!


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