Project... result!


   This is the result of the project process I and II I've been posting last week:
   A group of brooches inspired by barrel organ 'The bandit' for a book to
   promote Amsterdam, by Nienke Sinnema.

  The final stage was to make a package to keep the booches in. I made a
  folding sleeve with a little bucle in black cotton and white crochet lace.
  The lace because it reflects to the history of the dutch barrel organ and
  Black cotton with the bucle to refer to the slip-over cover of The Bandit.

  I'm quite happy with the result, it's been a really nice project to work on!


  1. lovely! and with the additional "curious story of the stolen coins" it is now completely Bandit-worthy! :)

  2. hahaha, daar had ik nog niet aan gedacht, maar inderdaad, heel erg Bandiet!

  3. hi! I just posted about your work in my recent but successful blog! I hope you like the post! Congratulations for your work! you are lovely!


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