Stamp carving workshop

   Yesterday I went to Rotterdam to do a stamp carving workshop at Elle Aime.
   The workshop was given by Tarah and Kris of Kitty Darkness designs. Let me
   tell you, I'm hooked! Carving your own stamp is so much fun, a bit difficult
   too, but still, so much fun! Lisa of Elle Aime also did a great job hosting the
   workshop at her cute little shop, she even baked brownies!
   She's also giving a new workshop 'making jewelry' on juni 19. You can find
   more info here.


  1. very strong,your friend :))

  2. Hi, Kim!

    I'm so glad you liked the workshop (and the brownies, haha!). I loved your stamp and I think you should definitely make more of them (I know I will, it's so much fun!). ;) And thanks for the lovely blogpost!

  3. The pictures are so fun! I'm really glad you enjoyed yourself :) the stamps you and your mom & sis made looks really great!! thanks again for joining in the workshop :)
    (and Lisa's brownies were totally yummy!!)

  4. You're welcome Lisa and Tarah! :)

  5. Very nice, I also want to know how it works. It seems a lot of fun. And great results!

  6. The next 'making stamps' workshop will be organized in September! :D


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