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   I love grey skies is Kimberley Laurenti who lives in Southwest Florida with her
   husband and 4-year-old son. I found her through Etsy where she sells beautiful
   handmade little clay characters called Mooks. She also makes lovely painted and
   collage like illustrations. I was intrigued...

   Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your work?
   I am an artist that has a fondness for a somewhat creepy and dark asthetic. I 
   think my cozy feelings towards the strange wind up adding a bit of cute to the 
   overall affect. I do sculpture, painting and illustration and love them all evenly.

   When and how did you come up with the Mook Characters?
   As a kid, my favorite thing to do was make little scenes or environments out of 
   found objects. The size scale is still the same but I guess now I am more into 
   making the inhabitants :) I have been sculpting these ambiguous creatures for 
   many years and eventually they've evolved into what I call Mooks. About the name 
   Mook: In college I had a cat I named Mookey and the name had sort of traveled 
   with me since. I just like the sound of it.

   What does your workspace look like?
   My workspace is small but perfectly suited. I am not a clean-as-you go sort of 
   person ( I am getting better though) so it usually cycles between messy and clean. 

   Do you have a work routine and if so, what is it?
   I have some coffee while looking at blogs to wake up. Then I put some music on, go 
   into the studio and see where I left off. With my sculptures there's so many stages 
   and techniques that it stays fun. I can definitely get off track so I sometimes wish I 
   had a partner to keep me on task. 

   What would be your dream assignment?
   A stop animation video would be so great! I really want to get more into illustration 
   too. A children's book! There are so many ideas for a "dream assignment". What 
   would yours be Kim? 

   Thanks Kimberley for your answers! And well, my dream assignment would be...
   Pfff, I have so many, like illustrating for a magazine like Uppercase or a big 3D
   illustration for a music event or window display for a shop, or, or...

   For more I love grey skies: see Kimberley's blog or Etsy shop.


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