I'm back from Antwerp and boy, did we have a good time! Me and Sue (a close
   friend who's also an illustrator) went to our 'neighbours' to check out the city
   and explore the possibility for Sue to work and live there for a couple of months.
   Apart from hanging around in lunch places and (coffee) bars we also visited two
   creative coworking spaces, Winkelhaak and ASPACE, where we (at the last one)
   got a tour around the building by Frederik (did I tell you that I have a soft spot
   for belgian guys?) and through the lovely garden. Although I'm very happy living
   in Utrecht I can imagine myself living in Antwerp for a while, it's such a lovely
   city (a they speak a way  more charming version of dutch there)!

   Other places we visited:
   + Via Via (travel cafe and restaurant) 
      Wolstraat 43
   + De Biologisch-Dynamische Bakkerij (Organic bakery/ lunch spot) 
      Volksstraat 17
   + Fiskebar (lunch and dinner, scandinavian food)

      Marnixplaats 12-13
   + Coffee & Vinyl (coffee bar and record shop) 
      Volksstraat 45
   + Cartoons (arthouse movie theater)
       Kaasstraat 4 
   + Bato Batu (cafe, the coffee wasn't very good but the place is nice)

       St Jorispoort 1
   + Jutka & Riska (fab 70s and 80s vintage clothing, I bought an amazing
      vintage skincolor/pink pantsuit here that's my new absolute fave outfit!)
      Nationalestraat 87
   + M HKA (museum of modern art)
      Leuvenstraat 32
   + Rubenshof (Budget Hotel in 'jugendstil'-style)
      Amerikalei 115-117
   +RA (concept store)
     Kloosterstraat 13

   PS The Collab goodies of Julie (Adore) and me are now for sale online at
    Julie's shop and will be available in my Etsy shop soon!


  1. yummi!!!
    and i love red blue "rayures"

  2. Aha, fijne post, ik ga namelijk over een paar weken naar Antwerpen. Toevallig! :)

  3. he wat leuk! Nou, dan kan je alvast wat adresjes op je lijst zetten. Veel plezier! :)

  4. Nice pictures, tasty food :) now I want to be there too...

  5. Very nice pictures! What a nice spots to keep in mind!


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