Edible wild plants


   Since supermarkets, we're used to 'ready-to-eat' food but for our great grandmothers
   most food didn't come in packages but was to be found in the wild. I'm somewhat
   intrigued by this 'foraging' being a recovered trend and started a little private 
   illustration project to explore this fun (and free!) way to fill your fridge. I painted 
   some food boxes as a background for illustrations of edible wild plants... more later!

   If you live in Utrecht, I'll be at the Weekendwinkel Opening tonight, see you there? 
   Nice weekend everyone!


  1. This looks already very nice!
    No Weekendwinkel for me tonight, maybe tomorrow! See you on sunday or monday at the Hippe Markt?!

  2. Thanks Carly! Maybe, I'm not sure yet... :)


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