Sketchbook project


   I did some structure sketching and made a new stamp today, just for the fun of
   it, no end product in mind (such a luxurity!). These little moments spark my
   creativity and really charge my battery. I plan on having more of that as I joined
   the Sketchbook Project yesterday. I've been wanting to do that for a while but
   was a bit hesitant cause I was so busy with work, but... now I just did it. My
   sketchbook (theme: encyclopedia of...) will arrive within two weeks but I already
   started just for fun, hurrah!

   Ok, I'll be off for a little weekend break to the south of Holland (Maastricht) now.
   A lovely weekend to everyone and see you on monday!


  1. I joined the sketchbook project too! A bit scared by the theme, though, I know i will just mess up as always :D
    Can't wait to see more, these look already lovely :)

  2. love so this post:)
    today i will send you radish airmail :)

  3. Can't wait Julie, I'm very curious! :)


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