Tatata... and here it is: the collab goodies project I did with Julie Adore. It is a limited
   edition of six: three in Julie's shop, three in my shop. In the package you'll find:

   + 1 porcelain brooch with radish print by me
   + 1 crochet radish by Julie you can use to decorate a tshirt, as a key chain hanger or...

   Have a look at Julie's blog for beautiful pictures of the different options.
   And what does this all cost? Only 17 euros (which is a package discount price), but
   be quick, as there are only 6 collab goodies packs available in total!

   The third photo with the radishes is made by Julie.


  1. Lovely, Kim!

    You should put the project on our team tread "collaboration" too! :)

  2. Thanks for the tip June! I just listed it in the team tread. :)

  3. Ria Geraets-Heijen5 July 2011 at 20:13

    Wat leuk! Mooie samenwerking :)


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