Oooh...Parade... how I long for you all summer and how sad to see you go!
   For those of you not familiar with this little theater festival 'De Parade', it's the
   most wonderful festival touring around Holland during summer! You can visite
   small theater shows (the actors sell the cards themselves and walk around to
   enthuse people to come to their show), enjoy yourself in the caroussel (also for
   adults, I'm not kidding this thing really makes you fly high), bake your own  
   poffertjes (sort of tiny dutch pancakes) or just hang out with a beer and
   enjoy the scenery.


  1. Heeeeeerlijk he, de Parade...helaas met het verbouwen en verhuizen komt het er voor mij niet van dit jaar..snik! ♥Judith

  2. It was great as always! This year we only went with the kids. Hidde loved the fire dragon and Jens the live music..

  3. Ohh, dat ziet er heerlijk uit zeg!

  4. Wow, the first photo looks so magical! And I LOVE those mini pancakes. :) Every year a food fair comes to our town with all kinds of food from different european countries, and I run to the Dutch pancake stand! Yum!

  5. De parade is echt mijn favoriete plek.


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