Time out

   After all the exhibition parties and product making, we need a little time out. So if I'm
   not posting as much the next few weeks as I usually do, you know why... me and Seb
   are reloading our creativity!

   A few more things:
   + the shop is still open, no worries!
   + The first newsletter will be out by the end of this week! So if you haven't subscribed
       (in the menu bar on the right) yet, this is the time!
   + I like this for some low key creativity


  1. Haha, wat grappig!! Het lijkt inderdaad wel alsof Seb de hele nacht heeft doorgefeest! :) Tot maandag! Groetjes Bas

  2. How cute is this?! Too cute. :-)
    Loving the new ceramic spoons, by the way.


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