windowsills II and some reflections

   Oh dear, I feel a bit guilty for neglecting you guys. I haven't been posting to much
   lately have I? But this is why:

   I've been working so hard the last, well frankly two years, that I feel a bit run down
   in creativity (the etsy shop and making all those products has been a bit overwelming
   too, delicate flower that I am ;-). I'm struggling with finding my 'spark' again and
   figuring out which way to go. In this part of my carrier (oh my, I've got one) where
   things are up and running fine, I feel the need to step back and reflect on my path.
   I'd like to go back to 'really' illustrating instead of producing. To do this I need to make
   some space and time. Last week I went on a yoga weekend at the seaside which was
   lovely but confronted me with a horrible neck ache, which ironically made me even
   fysically feel stuck, haha! Interesting how the body reflects mental obstructions...

   Anyway, I'm thinking about going on a little trip, maybe to do some more yoga or
   something like an artist in residenceship. Because I'm also teaching (which I love!) it's
   a bit hard to find the time for a week or two off, but I'll do my very best to find it,
   probably somewhere in januari. I also plan on doing a little course or workshop to get
   my creativity going without me having to let the motivation come out of myself all the
   time, but just go with assignments from someone else (in this case, I'm thinking about
   an online course from Jamie Shelman, who's also a teacher at Camp Pikaland).

   Sound like a good plan? In the mean time I will be posting on the blog again, as I did
   miss doing that on a daily basis and the contact with you guys that comes with it!
   Of course the shop will stay open, especially now that the holidays are coming up.
   Fortunately, I had some help from a very good friend who, with his crafty skills,
   assisted me in making ICPB's, thanks Chris!.
   Wow, this has become a long story... Thanks for listing to/ reading my mind bubbles
   and sticking with me!


  1. Hee Kim,

    hoe herkenbaar... ik heb ook een tijd poppen gemaakt voor een antroposofische winkel en het ging me zo tegenstaan, steeds weer (ongeveer) hetzelfde te doen. Zo ook met kaarten die ik maakte en andere dingen.
    En ik hoop dat je een beetje rust vind, yoga is er in ieder geval perfect voor!
    Soms sta je gewoon op zo'n kruispunt in je leven, en weet je even niet welke weg in te slaan. Sterkte ermee!

  2. I really think it is good to step back and reflect from time to time - otherwise you can end up doing things that you don't want to do anymore, becoming a "machine". I really hope to be able to scrape some money together and order something from your shop for christmas :-)

  3. But... This is in Middelburg? I walk past here all the time! And good luck, so important to keep in tune with yourself. Love your work, hope you get your spark back! A course sounds like a very good plan, thinking of something like that too.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments!

    @mouseblossom: yes, it's Middelburg! The yoga weekend was in Domburg so we also did a little trip to Middelburg.

  5. De delicate bloemen bloeien het mooist... Je hebt zoveel talent, je komt er wel uit. Succes met de zoektocht naar nieuwe inspiratie, je geeft mij in ieder geval heel veel inspiratie!

  6. all the best finding that spark again. time to reflect and get back in touch with our true path is such a good thing to do when feeling like this. mind and body definitely reflect one another dont they. the yogo weekend sounds wonderful. take care.


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