Till 2012!


   My plan for the new year is (no, not to plan a family, although this picture
   can be a bit deceiving...) to focus more on 'real' illustration. Last year has been
   a 'product-year' and even though I enjoyed that very much, I'd like to go back to
   illustrating more again. This is a start... a close up of an illustration I'm making on
   a text about 'the new marriage' where parents are more like 'comrades', taking care
   of the kids together, equal.

   I planned a little trip to Berlin and will be back blogging on januari 9th 2012. 
   (The shop will be closed too till the 9th of januari.) 
   Happy New Year Everyone!!!


  1. Happy new year! Heel veel plezier in Berlijn!

  2. Gelukkig nieuwjaar en have a good trip.

  3. Heel veel plezier in Berlijn en een goed voornemen!

  4. Taking care of the kids together is like it should be!

    I got my first Kim Welling newsletter, thank you for the inspiration!

    Have a good time in Berlin, and Happy New Year!

  5. Happy NEW year, Kim!
    You are a super person with super plans :)

  6. Heel erg mooi, met al die verschillende patroontje!


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