Berlin food

   Places we visited for food, drinks or snacks:
   + Monsieur Vuong (Alte Schönhauser Str. 46): Vietnamese food, lunch and dinner
   + bockwurst at the Botanischer Garten cafe
   + Weinblatt (Dieffenbachstr. 59): turkish tapas, lunch and dinner, also take away
   + Cinnamon Tree (Schonleinstr. 11): Indian food (the best we ever had!)
   + Safran (Oranienstr. 172): persian food, lunch and dinner
   + Pagode (Bergmannstr. 88): Thai food, dinner
   + Luzia (Oranienstr. 34): bar
   + Mädchenitaliener (Alte Schoenhauser Strasse 12): Italien food, lunch and dinner


  1. Mmmm, Berlin seems to be a pretty good place for food! Looks like your little holiday picked up after the bad start!

  2. Oh, I want to go to Berlin NOW and eat! Looks like really great and cosy places. I will really try to get away to Berlin this year, and I will save your list until then :-)


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