Can't resist...


   Ok, I know I'm suppost to take a holiday and enjoy Berlin (which I do, don't get
   me wrong)... but I miss blogging and I have lots to tell.

   First of all... how we got to Berlin:
   We (Mr C and I) were suppost to take the train of 13.38 on new years day. We
   were well on time and not stressed at all... then I had to go to the toilet and...
   we missed the train (C tried to call me with his head into the girl bathroom but
   no luck). I was so surprised to miss such an important train (I'm normally very
   organised and punctual) that I just started crying of terror (yes, theater could
   have been one of my careers).
   Then we had to wait for 2 hours for the next train which we had to talk
   ourselves into cause our tickets were not valid on that one. I started to worry
   big time...
   While we were sadly sipping on our coffee we discovered that I also forgot to
   print one of our tickets which made me go towards a nervous breakdown in
   swift speed (may I mention that C was calm as always). We went to the
   international railway counter and explained everything to the train lady who
   was frankly our only hope.
   She turned out te be a true angel and changed our tickets (without any costs),
   printed the missing one and just generally made us very very happy (I gave
   her a kiss over the counter).

   When we arrived in Berlin (two hours later then suppost to) and to the
   apartment we booked I discovered while unpacking I forgot my toiletry bag
   (it's still on my washing machine, I can see the picture quite clearly), including
   some medication I need to take daily. Tired and a bit put off by the bumpy
   start we crawled into bed and slept...

   The next morning, seeing the apartment by daylight was a bit of a shock. It was
   not very clean.. not at all. Hair and toothpast in the sink, broken showerhead, no
   toiletpaper and so on. We showered around the dirtyness and quickly went out to
   get some needed things like toothbrush, medication and shampoo and cleaning
   whipes! Boy did I knock myself out cleaning this whole place, it almost took one
   whole pack of the whipes to get it to my 'clean' standards, but I must say, now
   it's nice (and in a great spot at Kreuzberg).

  I felt like today was the first day we could properly enjoy Berlin and we went to
  the botanical garden which had (among others) a lovely green house with cacti,
  very nice and calming the be inbetween al that green! We also discovered two
  lovely eating places:

  + Weinblatt (Dieffenbachstr. 59): turkish tapas
  + Cinnamon Tree (Schonleinstr. 11): Indian food (the best we ever had!)

  (Because I also forgot the wire for my camera I can't upload photo's so you'll have
  to do with a stock one from my trip to Berlin in 2007...)


  1. Geweldig, wat een verhaal! Oh nee, sorry, wat een pech. Heel veel plezier nog en DOE RUSTIG AAN!

  2. Woooo.....heftig hoor. Ik zou ook huilen! Geniet van de rest van je tijd en laat je lekker inspireren daar!

  3. Ooh, ik leef helemaal mee. Ik zou ook huilen en meteen dingen denken als: 'ik ben ook niet geschikt om op reis te gaan enzo'. Geniet van je trip, volgens mij heb je het ergste nu wel gehad ;-) Tot maandag! By the way, dank voor de tips: wij plannen een Berlijntripje voor het voorjaar.

  4. Geniet ervan, en als je je zorgen even wil vergeten ga dan vooral naar Sorgenfrei voor een lekker hapje en wat vintage gesnuffel :)!


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