Peek into the process

   Looking at other illustrators work I'm always curious, how did they do that,
   what technique did they use?  Aren't you? I hope you are cause I'm about to 
   show you how I work...

   1. I mostly work with texts or ideas, I start thinking and looking at simular 
       subjects and objects (what does a TV look like, what do I want the cabinet 
       to look like and so on), in this case I just looked around at my living room.
   2. I start drawing with ink and a fountain pen untill I'm happy with the result. 
       I also collect structures (from paper or handmade ones with ink, paint, etc) 
       which I scan and keep in a special 'structures' folder on my computer.
       The drawings I just made are also scanned and so are the 'people' elements
       I cut out of magazines and pretty paper.
   3. When everything is in the computer I start with essambling the illustration, 
       first background, then furniture and so on. Some drawings I eventually
       don't use, but I always save them in case I need it in a future illustration.
   4. Now the structures come in... I cut them into the shape of the object they 
       have to fill, and add color. Sometimes also a (opaque) second layer, just to 
       give the surface more dept. I also delete the black outlines most of the time.
       I fiddle with this till I'm happy with the colors, look and layout. 
   5. Last, I add some extra touches like shadow, blush or lines (like the tv cord). 
       The illustration now contains lots of layers and I save it that way so I can 
       always change or move something.

   You can see the full illustration (bigger size) here.
   Have a lovely and creative weekend!


  1. Mooi en leuk om te lezen. Heb je dit in opdracht gemaakt?

  2. Nee, ben bezig om mijn portfolio uit te breiden, vond dat ik wel wat leuk nieuw werk kon maken!

  3. Thaks for sharing, Kim ! I love your work, and I really enjoyed reading this post!

  4. Tof om te zien, is idd altijd leuk om te zien hoe iemand te werk gaat !
    Je blog is ook super, heb je pas ontdekt, zeker de moeite om te volgen:-)


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