Winter camping

   Have you heard about this new thing, winter camping?  I suddenly come across
   enthousiastic reports of this in all kinds of dutch magazines. Apparently there're
   a lot of people who warm (hahaha) to this cold way of nature loving. Don't get
   me wrong, I do appreciate a good old walk in the forest or some wild life
   gazing but camping in winter... you're looking at a person who would happily
   vote for summer all year round! (Maybe I should start a political weather
   campaign/ party?)
   I'll stick to making illustrations about it... and in the mean time cheer for
   warmer days.


  1. I love your illustration, the bears look chilled and warm! Me though, not so convinced about the winter camping! ; )

  2. Ontzettend mooi en gezellige illustratie heb je weer gemaakt! Cheer!


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