Alexander Calder

   Yesterday, I went to the Gemeente Museum in The Hague to visite the Alexander Calder
   Exhibition. What a genius, this man! I knew his sculptures (although the word sculpture
   seems a bit to solid and heavy for his light colored mobiles and pieces) but didn't know
   he also made a whole circus with his wire figures. It's so charming and touching! (You
   can watch a video about it here.)

   I walked through the whole exhibition with a smile on my face, looking up at those
   mesmerizing mobiles, which hung all over the exhibit rooms. Big applause to the
   curator for creating such a perfect environment for Calder's work to flourish (although
   it would probably even look magic in a shipping container).

   Sieb Posthuma, a dutch illustrator who's work I've been admiring for some time now
   (actually it was love at first sight when I saw his decor design for the Coppelia Ballet,
   it was like the dancers danced in a huge Posthuma illustration. I could do a week of
   blogposts about this!), made a beautiful children's book about Calder and his wire
   figures, to accompany the exhibition. I love how he made Calder's work proces fun
   and understandable for children. Art is such an important thing in a kid's (and adult's)
   My fellow blogger Prentje also wrote a great blogpost (in dutch) about this and how
   her son made his own wire figures.

   I've decided to extend the Free Friday give away to wednesday, so comment here if 
   you'd like to win the Peace Bag beg!


  1. Oh leuk zo'n voorproefje, ik ga zaterdag namelijk!

  2. Ha, leuk dat je nu ook bent geweest! Enne, bedankt voor de vermelding ;-)

  3. wonderful, thank you for the foots from the exhibition from alexander calder!!! I will coming to den hag.
    best wishes olga

  4. unique work & the museum space is very nice too! are these windows on the roof in third picture?
    thank you for sharing your art walk :)

  5. I love Calder's work so much! So great!!!! I wish I could see the exhibition, I understand your smiling completely. :)

  6. I love these wire figures, such a unique work!


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