A post on Sunday, what I normally don't do but this is a special occasion... I became
   an aunt! My sister and her husband are since yesterday evening the proud parents of a
   very beautiful girl named Emma. This little girl is already as stubborn as her aunt
   cause she had to come to the world by caesarean section (she was laying with her
   bum down, just like me). Both mother and daughter are doing very well.

   Of course the birth announcement card has been ready for weeks on my computer and
   I'm happy I can show it to you finally (instead of a baby picture,  I don't want to post
   someone else's newborn on the world wide web).

   I also made a cake but because I had to rush to the hospital, it didn't make it in original
   shape... (it was all shaken up by bike and train ride).


  1. Congratulations for your new baby niece! ...and lovely card and also cake (despite the shaking)!

  2. Gefeliciteerd Kim! Geniet van je kleine nichtje!

  3. Gefeliciteerd tante Kim! Schattig kaartje, die moet je natuurlijk ook nog inlijsten voor op haar eigen kamertje..

  4. i want a slice please! it still looks delicious despite the shaking. and the pink bird looks so sweet..

  5. Congrats! Being an Aunt, in my opinion, sometimes beats being a Mom, because you get to do all the spoiling. Love it! Enjoy your new niece.

  6. Ach, daar was ze dan toch eindelijk. Gefeliciteerd tante K!

  7. nogmaals gefeliciteerd. wat een ontzettend lief kaartje!

  8. I want the recipe of this cake!! :D
    Congratulations, I can't wait to be an aunt too!!

  9. @Tartaruga Feliz: I got the recipe ('princess cake')from the cake from this book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Piece-Cake-Leila-Lindholm/dp/1847734456 and added some different decoration.


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