Free Friday

   Remember the garden I told about in my first Free Friday post?  We started to clean
   it out, cut branches, prune the ivy and build a compost bin with the leftover flexible
   branches (free material!). This is what it looks like now.
   I started sowing some little seeds (tomato, artichoke, beans, and more) which will be
   planted when the garden soil is ready. There's still lots to do, weeding, adding
   compost to the soil and making a planting plan and schedule.

   Unfortunately not all of this can be for free, so I'm trading plants and seeds with
   friends. We also planed a trip to a second hand garden equipment centre here in
   Utrecht, for some sturdy hacks and scoops.

   Before I started this whole project I was (and still am) a big fan of 'wild food'. What
   I mean is food you can find in nature and even in the city, for free! A good website
   to start with (for the duchies, sorry) is Pluk de Stad. They provide a map for the city
   you live in (although Utrecht is the best presented) with where to find what. We
   picked for example: walnuts, apples and elderberries. This was is autumn but they
   have a map for every season. The good thing was that all of this was found in and
   around my neighbourhood, and it tasted gooooood!


  1. I love wild food. surprising how it can also be more nutritious than normal/conservative food. hehe.. great to see the garden coming along (baby seedlings grow grow grow)

  2. Wat n geweldig project, die tuin! Ik ben in mijn tuin ook zo bezig geweest, en nog steeds ziet het er uit als winter, kaal en bruin. Maar onder de grond, jaaaaaa daar leeft vast alles vanalles wat ik geplant heb! Succes ermee!


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