Free Friday

   After starting Bikram yoga with the image in my head of sweating out everything
   bothering me and getting very flexible (like finally being able to reach the ground
   with my fingers when bending foreward and being able to touch my knees with
   my nose)... I stopped pretty quickly cause my body felt like totally messed up!
   I felt like every nerve in my system was trapped.
   Because I still didn't want to give up on yoga in general, I've joined some 'normal'
   yoga at Studio Vandaan in Utrecht with friend E. How lovely! My new teacher
   (Danielle) is very kind, down to earth and explanes every pose so well that I totally
   understand what I'm doing and can finally feel relaxed and free while doing my
   moves. I even welcome the downward dog with enthousiasm!

   Today was especially luxurious cause we had the whole yoga session for
   ourselves, total freedom when stretching your arms to all sides, hurray!

   (illustration by Gemma Correll)


  1. haha.. yoga doesn't have to be stressful! cool you found a good yoda, i mean teacher. hehe :) i like downward poses and having all the blood rush to my head

  2. Wauw, goed zo, niet opgeven. Ik ga ook weer eens een yogaklasje zoeken denk ik!

  3. I went to Bikram yoga and it Amsterdam and it was sooo much more hard core than the ones I've been to in the U.S. I was too scared to go back haha!

  4. @Natsymi: really!? And I thought americans were the fanatic ones, haha!


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