Tel Aviv - Booklet

   I made a little booklet for my friends with illustrations and photos of our stay
   in Tel Aviv. (I promis this is the last post about Tel aviv... ;-))

Cookbook II


   My good friend and illustrator Ellen Vesters contributed to her first book!
   She made a few illustration for a new cookbook: De groene Garde (The Green
   Whisk). The book not only provides in fab seasonal recipes but also tells you
   all about where and how products are made.
   (Photos by Ellen Vesters)


   At a little craft market this weekend, I bought these cute postcards by Elma,
   one of my Illustration students, who made these cards during the course.
   She also sells very beautiful, almost painted-like mozaic pieces (I particularly
   like the apple). You can check them out at her etsy shop.

Free friday

   For my own dream of perfect freedom; having ones own veggie garden paradise,
   I unfortunately have to restrict someone elses... that of slugs and cats.
   I've transformed into a cranky landlord when it comes to protecting my crop.
   Fences (chicken wire), obstacles (cocoa shells) and poison (slug pellets) are placed
   unscrupulous. If all this doesn't work, my last option, a secret weapon: dugged in
   cans of beer a.k.a slug traps...bring it on!


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   More than two weeks after my trip to Tel Aviv I'm still craving for hummus and
   to be honest, all Israeli food. So, I ordered a book called The book of new Israeli
   food, yum! I also nicked my parents juicer (is was catching dust in a kitchen cabinet)
   to copy the great carrot and apple juices I had on my trip.
   Let's go back to Tel-Aviv-food-memory lane!

New Comfort Boxes

   There's a whole bunch of freshly made Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes in the shop!
   Check them out here...


Femke Dekkers


   I've been to an exhibition by Femke Dekkers this weekend, an artist/ photographer.
   Her work(process) in her own words:

   Walking down the street, with or without a camera in my hand, I often experience 
    impulses of certainty. THIS I must capture, of this I am sure. The moment of seeing, 
    of discovery, is fleeting, soon already moments ago. (Therefore) I reconstruct events. 
    The interpretation of a fleeting, already experienced moment is converted to a staged 
    and artificial image; a new event in another place.

   I'm intrigued by how she plays with space and the interaction between the two and 
   three dimensional. 
   She created one of her 'artificial images' in the Moria, a gallery in Utrecht, where 
   you can play with the shapes by changing your point of view, depending on where 
   you're standing.

   PS. How funny is this: normally people ask me questions by mail all the time but
         when I post an invitation to do so, no one does... So that's why this monday
         post is about an exhibiton. Just so you know ;-)

Free Friday

Leave a Comment
   People ask me for all sorts of advise about being an illustrator, selling my own
   products, etc. To prevent myself from spending hours with responding to all those 
   questions instead of working on my commisions, I made a 'questions' page on this 
   blog (see right). I can imagine though that this doesn't contain everything you'd 
   like to know...
   Therefore feel free to ask me for advise (in a comment) from today till sunday
   I'll pick one question and answer it to my very best on this blog on monday.

Tel Aviv V: Jerusalem II

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   Yesterday I had some trouble with my wifi and it was impossible to get anything done
   involving internet, mail or blogs. Today it's all working again (relief!) and because it's
   ascension, here some last picture of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, the
   perfect theme for today.
   There was a bit of a tourist thing going on but inbetween all the clicking camera's I
   managed to make some pictures of the religieus pursuits (check those monks chill out!).

Tel Aviv IV

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   Some pretty decorations can be found in Tel Aviv (and Jerusalem)...

   1. street name sign at Jaffo, Tel Aviv
   2. little dish I bought at the bazaar in Jeruzalem (this is the one Prentje!)
   3. doors at Neve Tzedek
   4. decoration above door at Jaffo, Tel aviv (how cool is the Lego!?)
   5. ceiling of the Greek Othodox Church in Jerusalem (they say Jesus is buried here)

   ps. I really like this.

Tel Aviv III : Jerusalem


   One of my wishes when being in Israel was to go to Jerusalem. Not for religious
   reasons but because my late grandmother went there in the eighties and it would
   be a nice thing to follow her footsteps.
   I remember her telling about the western wall so the first thing I did when arrived
   was to head over there. The funny thing was that when I stood there, writing a
   note to put in the wall, I almost felt my grandmother standing next to me. I wrote
   the note to her (no idea if that's the correct wall-policy) with a little wish. When
   walking up to the wall and finding a spot, I suddenly became a bit emotional
   (luckily I was wearing big sunglasses) and couldn't stop sobbing until I had
   finished what I came for and walked back(wards).
   Apart from this little emotional adventure, Jerusalem was a very pretty, magical
   place and we wondered through the little alleys and bazaar. 
   The friction between ortodox jewish and muslim society was present though and
   I felt a bit awkward about it. But nevertheless it was a very beautiful city.

Tel Aviv II


   This should be a free friday post but I'm gonna cheat a bit today as I have so
   much to share about my trip to Tel Aviv...

   Tel Aviv's signature ingredient must be eggs. They are on the menu everywhere!
   The best known egg dish is shakshuka: eggs (almost raw) in a delish tomato sauce
   with bread for dipping. Another really good one I had was a lentil salade with
   poached egg (my fave way to eat an egg).
   Of course I ate more than egg dishes... I had the best hummus ever, great fresh 
   salades and to most tender meat at the bbq friend S (our hostes) organised for us.
   (and if now you thought I came home in a bigger pants size... I actually lost
   some pounds!).

Tel Aviv I

   I'm back form Tel Aviv and it was fab! If you thought this city is all about desert and
   concreet, think again... We came across the most beautiful flowers, green and cute
   houses, wondering through a little cosy neighborhood called Neve Tzedek.
   This was the first neighborhood build in the 'new Tel Aviv' back in 1887. Lots of cute
   (young) designer boutiques, bars, galeries and pretty buildings.

   I'll tell you more about my trip in the next days posts.
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