Femke Dekkers


   I've been to an exhibition by Femke Dekkers this weekend, an artist/ photographer.
   Her work(process) in her own words:

   Walking down the street, with or without a camera in my hand, I often experience 
    impulses of certainty. THIS I must capture, of this I am sure. The moment of seeing, 
    of discovery, is fleeting, soon already moments ago. (Therefore) I reconstruct events. 
    The interpretation of a fleeting, already experienced moment is converted to a staged 
    and artificial image; a new event in another place.

   I'm intrigued by how she plays with space and the interaction between the two and 
   three dimensional. 
   She created one of her 'artificial images' in the Moria, a gallery in Utrecht, where 
   you can play with the shapes by changing your point of view, depending on where 
   you're standing.

   PS. How funny is this: normally people ask me questions by mail all the time but
         when I post an invitation to do so, no one does... So that's why this monday
         post is about an exhibiton. Just so you know ;-)


  1. very interesting exhibition!
    i like the first & the last foto of her work.



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