Tel Aviv III : Jerusalem


   One of my wishes when being in Israel was to go to Jerusalem. Not for religious
   reasons but because my late grandmother went there in the eighties and it would
   be a nice thing to follow her footsteps.
   I remember her telling about the western wall so the first thing I did when arrived
   was to head over there. The funny thing was that when I stood there, writing a
   note to put in the wall, I almost felt my grandmother standing next to me. I wrote
   the note to her (no idea if that's the correct wall-policy) with a little wish. When
   walking up to the wall and finding a spot, I suddenly became a bit emotional
   (luckily I was wearing big sunglasses) and couldn't stop sobbing until I had
   finished what I came for and walked back(wards).
   Apart from this little emotional adventure, Jerusalem was a very pretty, magical
   place and we wondered through the little alleys and bazaar. 
   The friction between ortodox jewish and muslim society was present though and
   I felt a bit awkward about it. But nevertheless it was a very beautiful city.


  1. ach wat lief. Ik kan het me me helemaal voorstellen, ik ben ook zo'n huilerd. (niet vervelend bedoeld he, dat woord.)

    1. hahaha, tja, soms heb je dat he...


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