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   Marta, who's manager of the Dutch Etsy department, organised a dinner to
   brainstorm for new plans for Etsy NL. It was a true feast with more yummy
   dishes than I could eat!
   Marta made most of it herself but ordered a few things from dutch Etsy shops:
   Vegan chocolats by Happyherbi and chutneys from The Collse Garden.

   I met a lot of interesting other shop owners too, like:
   + Nataliya and Menno from 1001 vintage
   + Babette from Broesj
   + Annabel from Secondhand Sandy
   + Ivo from Shapedad
   + Caro from Honoriginal
   + Annemarie from Dertig December
   + Simone from Mooi Vintage
   + and of course Marta who owns two shops: Martice and Martice Supplies

   Thanks to Marta!


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