Free Friday - winner

   And the winner of last week's postcard give away is...
   Please email me your address so I can send the postcards to you!
   Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on the postcards and Seb :-)

   Mr C made this darling photo of Seb when he (Seb) was staying 
   with him while I was visiting a friend in Tel Aviv... Seb always 
   sneaks away when I'm trying to make a photo (with an irritated 
   look on his snout) Mr C got plenty shots, I wonder what his secret is?


  1. thank you so much Kim & Seb!
    this made me so happy!
    i have just send you the e-mail with my adress!!!!

    lots of hugs!

    Seb you look gorgeous!

  2. Well miss K, I'll tell you my secret. I can turn of the light on my camera that goes on when it's trying to focus, holding the push-button halfway down. Probably, when you are trying to make a picture, this light is telling Seb that something is going on or he is annoyed by it and runs of, thinking 'what the hell was that?' and / or 'what does my beloved human-friend want from me?' So try turning of that little light woman


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