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   Yesterday, I went to the launch of the Platform Beeldende Kunst
   (Platform for visual arts) at the W139 gallery in Amsterdam. 
   The idea was sparked by the devastating cuts in the art and cultural 
   budget by the dutch government last year.
   In the Platform's own words:
   'We firmly believe in the necessity to formulate a new vision on the 
   role of art and culture in our society, and think the cultural world 
   should take the lead in articulating this vision. We strive to examine, 
   define and actively circulate the significance of art from the perspective 
   of its makers.'
   I was very impressed by the professional way they organized and 
   presented the Platform BK. It really makes sense to unite as artists 
   and address the government and society with one strong artistic voice.
   There were a few interesting speeches held by artists or -collabs. 
   Among them the impressive girls from Spanonymous, who rent out 
   well designed banners which facilitate a visual culture for dissent. 
   Anyone who's protesting the position of the dutch (minority) cabinet 
   may use them in their demonstrations.
   I'd like to ask you, if you're a visual artist or creative person who 
   considers art to be important and necessary to society, have a look at 
   the website to get more information of what they stand for and if you 
   believe in this as I do; become a member and support this good initiative!


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