Gullivers Collection


My good friend Ellen Vesters asked me last saturday: 'wanna go to the opening of Gullivers Colletions?'. No idea what she was talking about but as I was just being lazy around the house, going to and art exhibition opening was a welcome change.

Turned out it was about a guy (Pet) who collects other peoples collections (wow, that's collecting stuff big scale!). He layed out a huge man, Gulliver, in a giant exhibition hall with all the things from the collected collections. We're talking McDonald happymeal boxes to postcards to action heroes to airplane vomit bags. You'd be amazed what people collect!
In between all these pieces were little remote control cars you could drive by logging on with you smartphone, to watch the collections up close.

It made me curious about why people collect so many things that seem worthless (at least in that amount) to others. Is it an artificial way of keeping control, organizing those huge collections? Or do they see beauty in these specific items, or in the amount, looking at them all together, the same item repeated in a slightly different shape or design? Or, does all this clutter replaces something that they miss in their lives?  How will know? Fact is that this exhibition is an interesting and impressive one!
For more info: go here.


  1. What an exhibition! :-)
    If I was around I would like to see it.

  2. Leuk, ik heb n tentoonstelling van hem gezien in de Kunsthal een tijd geleden. Fascinerend!


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