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Since last monday, after a week of 'working towards it', I'm doing a detox for the first time. This means, no dairy (or dairy products), no meat, no fish, no coffee, no alcohol and no smoking but I don't smoke so that's easy! I've always been a bit skeptical about detoxing, is it really healthy, isn't it just a 'hip thing', can my body handle this (specially because I've a chronic low blood sugar level), can I eat tasty things or will it all taste like 'too healthy'? BUT... I couldn't answer those questions if I didn't find out myself, so now I'm in day four of this 7 day detox. I'm following a detox by Kyra de Vreeze who wrote a handy book (in dutch) about it with, very important, a pretty layout! ;-) I'm enjoying (yes, I'm really enjoying) yummy shakes, juices, soups and little healthy snacks, all easy recipes from Kyra's book Daytox
I must say that I feel really good, not hungry or anything, and wonder how I look and feel (radiant skin, twinkles in my eyes?) when it's finished!


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  1. Ja, je kan het! Ik ben wel n beetje gezondheidsfreak dus kan je zeggen: gezonde dingen zijn heerlijk! ( koffie ook ;-)


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