Jimmy Durham


Getting up saturday morning, I had the sudden idea to go to Antwerp and see the Jimmy Durham Exhibition at the M HKA. I drove by Mr C's to pick him up and we were on our way the Belgium  (I realized it's only a 1,5 hour drive from Utrecht!)

Looking back at this 'spur of the moment', it's the best thing I've done in weeks. What amazing works! The thing that struck me most was the humour and intuitive feel of his work. Durham discribes his work as a reflection on behavior and ways of thinking in different societies. His use of natural materials like rocks, wood and found objects makes it highly tactile and intuitive. He makes you think about your perspective on the small and big things in life in a funny and direct way, without the  pretentious concepts often seen in art.
The way he explores the world and provides his findings with witty and misleadingly simple notes, reminds me of Keri Smith and even the way he writes his notes seems so 'now' (even though he's been doing this since the seventies). Inspiration is just never far away when looking at Durhams work.

If you're in the neighbourhood I can highly recommend this exhibition, go see!

(picture 1: a piece of granite shaped like a camels head
 picture 3: pretentious rocks: doctor, lawyer, indian chief
 picture 4: peanut shaped like a bird and detachable 'arc the triomphe')


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