I've got a deal with my friend Ellen, every time I have my mums car at my disposal, we go to Laren (a little fancy town a half hour drive from Utrecht) to eat poffertjes. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, poffertjes are a sort of tiny pancakes, a typical dutch treat. They're yummy! You can order them plane, with sugar, with rum and more.

This particular Poffertjes Place is the oldest original one in our country, it's from 1875 (although it says 1837 on the facade). Do you see the tree trunk in the last picture? They build the whole pavilion around it!
Our waiter was so very friendly to pose with a steaming plate of poffertjes. I like his outfit, as if he just came from the 19th century in a time machine. They also don't write your order down but yell it across the pavilion to the bar and bakers (without being too loud). I love that old dutch atmosphere.


  1. Dat ziet er gezellig uit! Ik krijg zin in een tripje naar Laren! Liefs MiM

  2. poffertjes heerlijk!! Lang geleden eigenlijk dat ik er nog gegeten heb

  3. Oh, thanks for the information! :-) I got to try this, when I soon move to Holland to study. They look a bit like something we have in Denmark called "Æbleskiver".

  4. they sound delicious! yum!
    this place looks interesting too!
    as you said like being in another era!
    imagine how old is the tree...

  5. Poffertjes in Laren: jeugdsentiment! Ik ga nu weer elk jaar met Hidde en Jens.


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