Survival fox


Working on the new survival sketches I thought it would be fun to re-introduce the little fox, this time as a wanderer through nature, with his best scout skills.
The thought has crossed my mind that this would do great on some new china... I didn't plan making new pieces cause it's so much work (and the profit is not in compare with the hours of work, not even close). But... I know a lot of people wish me to make new printed china and secretly, I like it too... I won't promis anything but maybe...


  1. Hij is in ieder geval erg leuk!

  2. He is so gorgeous. I would love him on a teatowel or a shirt even. I love pretty art on cute shirts. Have you ever done shirts and I haven't seen them?

    1. thanks trudy! I don't have any t-shirt so far but who know, it might happen in the future! :-) Kim


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