Yesterday I payed a visit to one of the shops that sell my DIY kits: Trunk (or BonBon Boutique). It's a collective that sells jewelry, hair accessories, postcards and all sorts of little gifts and goodies. The interiour is so beautiful! They used vintage cabinets to display the products, painted in neutral greys and beige.
Behind the counter is accessory maker Hye Yoo Mi (who's wearing one of her own makings in her hair). If you have Amsterdam plans any time soon, this is really cute shop to visite!

I also had coffee with my fave little illustration sister, Amy Marsh, I miss having her around in my studio. She recently graduated from art school and is now travelling europe before starting to work with Hallmark (yes, the cards!).

On top of all this goodness I found a 5 euro banknote on the street, it must have been my lucky day!
Update: I bought Amy and I cup of coffee with it ;-)


  1. Haha, what did you buy with the five euros? Half a cooldrink?

    This looks like such a quaint little place that I would love to get lost in all day!

  2. Looks like a fab shop! Now I just need a reason to go to Amsterdam :-)

  3. Excellent! Wendsday, i was in this shop in Amsterdam :-)

  4. Really cute! I'm taking a girlfriend to Amsterdam this week so I might try to pop in :)


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