Wild house


Everytime I feel like a holiday or little break (but not going away too far) I go to Mr C's house. He lives in a small town near Utrecht in a little railroad house with the most amazing wild garden (aka nothing has been done to it in well... maybe 30 years?). I feel like being in the middle of nowhere there, even though it's in between a railroad and sawmill, you just don't notice cause it's so secluded. Mr C plays his guitar while I'm wandering through weeds ,wild pear and plum trees and intergrown rose bushes dreaming away of my own little cabin while hearing birds play high above.
When I'll be on a yogaholiday in about two weeks, Seb will stay at Mr C's, that lucky bunny...


  1. Wauw dat ziet er fantastisch uit! Hoe is het met m'n basilicum? Leeft hij nog? Je tomaatjes zijn blij met de zon!

    1. Hij gaat goed! Geen rare verdorde of beschimmelde takjes zoals bij de plantje uit de winkel, hoera!
      Ik ben ook blij met de zon ;-)

  2. I love your description, it is like a fairytale! Seb will be like alice in wonderland in two weeks :)


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