Free friday - grow


A few weeks ago I planted an avocado pit (for a tutorial see here) and look at my new plant now! I'm growing my own avocado tree, wow!
Another handy plant (on the left): aloe vera. I bought a small one (the bigger, the more expensive) and it grows really quick. When you have a (sun) burn or dry skin, cut off a leaf and you have an instant ointment (the juice comming out) at your disposal.
Did you know lavender also works great on burns? I have an lavender bush in my garden and when needed, I cut some flowers, grind them and put them on the burn, cover with a bandage and it'll give a quick pain relief. Lavender oil works even greater (but not always at hand).


  1. Wat goed!
    Ik had namelijk na drie weken een beschimmelde pit in een potje. Ik zal de tutorial volgen en het nog eens wagen...

  2. I tried to plant an avocado pit this summer, but nothing came up. I will follow the instructions you linked to and try again! I want my own avocado tree too :-)


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