Good tv


While I'm busy with new commisions and the preparation for an exciting event at the end of September (will tell you more about that later), I don't have time for my fave series Mad Men, luckily Seb knows good tv and watches it for me... ;-)


  1. I've heard so much about this show and I started to watch it this month... I am still at season one but I like it already! :)
    I hope Seb will not tell you what he saw and spoil you the surprise :).
    Good luck with all your project!

  2. so someone is going to tell you
    what happened in the episode :)

    is it worth to watch "mad men"...?

  3. Oh, Mad men is really great.
    You will have Seb to inform you of what is going on in that episode. :-)
    Looking forward to hearing about the event.

  4. yes, it's the best series ever! @ Evdokia: go watch!


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