Nina Fuhrer


At the Woonbeurs, one of my neighbours was Nina Fuhrer. She had a cute stand with knitted accessories, like this foxy scarf I bought. I'm so happy with it! It's made of merino and kashmir wool and feels so cosy with that little fella around my neck.
At her website (and shop) you can find more cheeky designs, all made with a loving eye for detail and finish.

Big picture by Nina Fuhrer


  1. Ik vond haar sjaals ook prachtig en dat klemmetje in de bek is echt heel slim bedacht :D

  2. Oooh je hebt er een! Wauw staat je leuk :)

  3. Really fun and beautiful things in her webshop! Love the sunglasses cap - I think it looks like the old fashion pilot helmets in leather.

    And you look good in your foxy scarf :-)


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