Seb and the Vet


Seb has been a bit under the weather lately, he has a snotty nose and won't eat his dinner... so yesterday I took him to the vet, maybe he could tell me why Seb was not his hungry self?
Well, first the vet couldn't find a cause. He noted Seb had: a strong heart, great lungs, good teeth, perfect weight and finally proclaimed (this specifically made me feel a proud mother, hearing this from a pro): 'what a beautiful rabbit!'.
At this point I thought all couldn't be more peachy perfect but the vet had one more conclusion...
Seb is allergic to dust!

OMG, this is so typical me, having a rabbit with an allergy! I put my sensitive furry friend in his traveling bag (may I mention here that it is a very fashionable one with army print?) and rushed home to thoroughly vacuum his residence and cleanse his hay in water. Let's hope it helps...


  1. Haha, die Seb, dat is me er toch een. Een allergisch konijn. En dan nog wel voor stof. O, dat wordt goed schoonhouden, Kim. Geef Seb maar een extra knuffel van me...

  2. Ach, dat snotneusje...aahhhh. Sterkte!

  3. Schattig jouw getekende konijn! Beterschap :)

  4. Dat is toch geweldig nieuws?! Een mooi konijn en (vanaf nu?) een heel schoon huis! Fijn hoor :)


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