Christmas proof

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I don't know about you but with me december is a very busy month! After Sinterklaas (dutch sort of christmas) and all the shop orders, I'm now preparing for Christmas.

My favorite moment of the year is, with boyfriend, buying and decorating the christmas tree.
I gave M the control over putting a few decorations and bows in the tree. Decorations (specially the little angel on top) went fine but after a while I sensed some desperation on his side and looked over at the bows he had made so far... Let me tell you one thing about men and bows: A Bad Combination! (That only leads to frustration on man's side).

Taking care of the christmas tunes was however totally his thing and with Wham classics on the radio and the amaryllis blooming, we finished a cosy little christmas tree.
The happy season may begin!

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  1. this was funny to read! :)
    but you little christmas tree
    turn out very sweet!
    good cooperation!


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