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photo and model by Bas Verweij

There've been some big changes the last few weeks here. Last year me and Ellen have been working hard to start up Urlaub, a concept store in Utrecht. In this same year my work got a big boost and many great projects and commissions found their way to me. This all happened so smoothly that before I knew it, I had too much work to handle. Time to sit down and make choices. Finally I made a hard decision... Because of the big amounts of work and time coming with it, I decided to leave Urlaub in Ellen's capable hands.

Because Urlaub was besides a concept store also a workspace for the creative, there're still two office spaces (desks) for rent! It will be an open space with lots of light, creativity and design. There is also a space where you can work on screenprinting, paintings, and other exciting projects that come with 'wet or seriously DIY material'. There's parking space too. It's situated just outside the center of Utrecht, in a new developed 'creative hatchery' (called: The Trip) that includes (among others) a lunch and dinner spot 'Little Berlin' and office space for creative entrepreneurs. All together an inspiring work environment with inspiring people. What does this all cost? Aprox 200,- euro excl TAX.
Great value don't you think!? For more information, get in touch with Ellen Vesters by sending an email to:

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  1. Fijn dat het zo goed gaat!
    en ben heel benieuwd naar Urlaub :)


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