Free friday - question

bag and photo by Judith Brandts

Today the second edition of the Etsy questions (by Judith)!

How does my shop get found by buyers?

Apart from the tricks I mentioned last week (listing at a certain time and spreading listing over a few days, tagging right) there a a few more tips.
Especially in the beginning it's fun and wise to participate in the Etsy community. Join teams, circles, favorite and admire, make treasuries and comment on blogposts and forums. Ask questions on the forums, how do people look at my shop, what do you think of my products, photo's etc.? Make contact!

Another good way is to use social media. For me blogging works very good but twitter or facebook can work well too. You could do a give away ('share this give away thought posts-message-tweets and tell where you've shared to join the give away') or something like first-5-buyers-discount, it'll help to get people curious about your shop.

Then you could try to get your online friends to promote you. Maybe send some interesting bloggers a sample or small gift. They might post it on their blog (but never ask them to do so, this is way to 'advertisment-cheap'!!).

If you're up and running, you could participate in a market. Check if when there are craft markets you like close to where you live. This is a good way to meet your buyers in real life and for them to see your items in real life. Make sure you bring business cards, people might not buy something on the spot but may come back to your online store (and tell their friend what a nice person you are!).

It helps big time when your item is something new, something people haven't seen before. If you make a product that's made by others as well (like bags or wallets), be original in your pictures, colours, product name, communication, extra features, you name it! Maybe add a attachable bicycle light to the bag or a magnet in a wallet (so the coins stay put). Anything that makes you stand out!

Is the dutch Etsy the same as the worldwide Etsy?

Yes, it's the dutch (and Belgian) department of Etsy! You can find the dutch Etsy blog here.
There are also similar dutch marketplaces to Etsy like or but there's only one Etsy!

Good luck with your own Etsy shop!


  1. Kim, echt enorm bedankt voor al je Etsy tips en advies! wil zelf al tijden een Etsy shop openen en dit gaat me er zeker bij helpen.

    1. Geen dank, veel plezier en succes met je eigen shoppie! :-)

  2. Thanks so much for your tips! I just opened my (second) etsy shop of handmade designs and I need all the help I can get to promote it.


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