Free friday - The American Indian

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There is an exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam called: The american Indian, that caught my eye. Last weekend when I had some free time, I went to see what it was about.

The exhibition shows the Indian culture and myths, but also how we 'western people' look at the native american, the stereotypes. There were some beautiful pieces, the hand painted animal skins (first picture) were my favorite but the information was a bit too summarily. It would have been very interesting to know what material they used for painting; natural pigments, brushed and such but I couldn't find information on that.

I also missed a few items and stories like on dreamcatchers. Although the items displayed were very nice, the whole exhibition could have been more thorough and better explained, it seemed a bit too shallow for such a rich and interesting culture.

The focus seemed to be more on merchandise as the museum shop was fully packed with all sorts of jewelry, books, toys and ritual items. And because the admission fee was 15 euros this felt too money-pushy, a bit of a shame.

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