Free friday - workspace


No questions this friday, there were non asked (but you still can if you have a question about illustrating, being creative, the bookkeeping part, etc, etc. just mail me.)

I'm having fun with decorating my new workspace in between jobs. I just love moving things around, adjusting colours and adding some green life. The light in this new 'office' (it's a room in my boyfriends house, not a fancy office building or anything ;-). But it does have a window almost as big as the wall!) is amazing, especialy when the sun comes out.

I will probably stalk you with more pictures soon, can't help myself, this new space makes me happy!


  1. I also love redecorating.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos from your new workspace.

  2. Stalk maar gerust hoor! Leuk, dat kweekkastje. Ik heb alweer een basilicumzaadje geplant, ja echt. Zou dat al lukken in februari in de vensterbank? Ik had deze zomer twee reuzenplanten, maar ze zijn op. Deed de jouwe het goed?

    1. Ja supergoed, bedankt nog! Binnenkort is het ook weer tijd voor tomaten planten... ;-)


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