Seb's adventure


Now that I'm working in Ilpendam, Seb's living here too. We made a cosy apartment for him just outside the kitchen door. He looked quite smug with his new spot, until sunday morning...

When bringing Seb his kibbles he was nowhere to be found. After checking every corner we knew for sure he was gone and panic hit me. The cage looked firmly closed, no escape signs there.
Visions of bunny snatchers, bunny stew and rabbit paw keychains poped up in my head. Not to speak of road kills or a frozen stiff furry friend found under a bush. What had happened to my sweet Sebster?

M wiped my tears and with the promis 'we will find him' he ran off into the rain to look under every bush and in every garden. Meanwhile I walked around the back yard calling Seb holding out a bowl of his fave crunchies, with no succes...
I felt more desperate mesures were needed. I ran upstairs to design a 'missing rabbit' poster. After 10 minutes my pamphlet was printed and we systematically we went past all mailboxes in the neighborhood.

When arriving back home, my phone rang: 'Are you looking for a rabbit? I just saw him chilling out underneath my car' a man from two streets away proclaimed. I grabbed my coat and started running. When arriving at the spot, Seb was nowhere to be seen though. But just when we thought it was a hopeless case, a man stepped outside, two houses up the road. He beckoned us with a grin on his face and opened the door to his shed... there Seb was, having a blast with two other bunnies, perfectly happy above a bowl of food in some soft hay.

Apparently Seb had had the time of his life. I received another phone call later from a women a few houses from ours who said he had been running around her garden enjoying the crumbs of bread she fed him ('He looked me straight in the eye', she said. 'He didn't seem like a wild rabbit'). He probably escaped from his cosy residence (don't ask me how, Houdini is nothing compared to Seb's escape talents) at night and enjoyed a free run till half past one next day!

After his adventure he slept all day, wrapped up in the curtains at my studio... I'm glad he's back.


  1. Aggos!! Ik heb hetzelfde gehad met een van mijn katten. Ik had bijna een hartverlamming, zij een spannend avontuur. Niet eerlijk. ;)

  2. What a great way to get to know all your new neighours! Well done, Seb :)

  3. Woooow wat een spannend avontuur! Hopelijk blijft Seb nu thuis!

  4. SO glad there was a happy ending to that story, phew! And I am glad Mr. Walkabout had himself a nice adventure :)

  5. now you know that your neighbours are good people!
    seb had a big adventure, but he made it very well : )
    kisses to seb!

  6. Spannend (konijnen) avontuur! Ik ben altijd ontzettend benieuwd naar de avonturen die onze twee katten mee maken. Misschien moet ik toch maar een keer een kleine camera aan hun halsbandje vastmaken...

  7. oh gosh you are so lucky and by the sounds of it live in a lovely neighbour hood. seb is so cheeky! i love that he was all tuckered out the next day, he looks so cute wrapped in the curtain. what an adventure!


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