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Now that I'm living in the country I might as well start to enjoy the scenery. I started running with the couch-to-5K-app. I don't know if you're (or ever have been) into running but  with me it goes like this:
I get up in the morning and think: 'oh oh, it's a running day... This means dragging myself out there in the cold...pfff'. I put on my running outfit (I tried to make it more fun by buying a fancy little ensemble in black, white and pink, a dotty wind jacket included) and tune in on my ipod. Billy, my personal coach who comes with the couch-to-5K-app, tells me to 'get going' and here we go...

This all may sound like a drag but once on the road I get the ultimate feeling of freedom: just me, the road and some sheep grazing on the horizon. With Billy telling me when to run and when to walk, I don't even have to think and my head feels comfortably empty. In the end, I love it. And, the best of all: it makes me feel so good about myself, being sporty and all!


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