Two men and a sofa


We have a very very comfortable sofa, almost like a daybed, and Seb thinks so too. He perferably wants to cuddle there with M, especially when M's having a snack.
One problem though... since we moved to Ilpendam, Seb is a bit out of his routine and suddenly confuses the sofa with his litter box.
So until this habit has passed, he's not allowed on the sofa (to Seb's and M's disappointment) and got his own chair to chill on. Perfectly on eye level with whatever human is on the sofa. He seems to enjoy his new throne in the picture but don't be fooled... he tried to get on the sofa whenever M was not paying attention, pfff... bunnies.


  1. Haha, konijnen kunnen zo heerlijk eigenzinnig zijn!

  2. oh, seb's look in the first picture is amazing!
    i hope he will find his routine again!
    he is very cute on his throne! :)

    your sofa corner is lovely!
    and, yes, looks pretty comfortable too!

  3. Ha, ik heb even moeten grinniken om konijn Seb in de eerste foto. Volgens mij is het héel leuk om een konijn rond te hebben lopen in huis:)


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