Free friday - wild veggies


One of my fave things (apart from my job) is cooking, especially with homegrown veggies. Even better is cooking with free veggies found in the wild.

Because I'm not a expert on foraging I joined a one day workshop on local wild food.
The lovely Maaike (who's also a great yoga teacher here in Ilpendam) and Ellen, took us into the fields to find our own food adn explained where they come from, when to find them (seasons) and how to use them.

Together we then made quiches, bread, pesto's, a salad and cookies (these were also made from handmade ricotta cheese, fresh from the cows in the same field) with our finds.
Now when I'm weeding in my garden, I put lots of little plants aside (instead of throwing them away), I now know they're edible!

Pictures are made by Ellen of organic farm Achtervennen.


  1. sounds very interesting workshop!-
    i like the table too!
    and the salad looks yummy!

  2. Great blog found you through Floor Number Four, looking forward to following.


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