Every year, if I can find the time, I'd like to do a creative course myself. But what to do this year?
After some searching I found Marjan de Voogd, a ceramist who teaches ceramic courses in her wonderful light and inspiring studio in Amsterdam (Jordaan).
I was very keen on learning how to make things on a potter's wheel, so that's what I started learning today.

Tricky business this technique is, especially to keep the clay from deforming and going all over the place. Marjan threw in some tips and advice and by the end of the morning I was the proud producer of two tolerably decent mugs. Can't wait to learn more next week!

By the way, Marjan mentioned there are still a few places on the other wheels left (monday morning and tuesday evening), so come join me and let's make pots together! ;-)

For more info: ceramics studio


  1. Am desperate to take a ceramics course myself this year too, your mugs look really good, very impressive for a beginner :)

  2. Oh ik wil zo ontzettend graag leren pottenbakken! Toevallig heb ik net vorige week een mailtje gestuurd naar iemand in mijn woonplaats die het me mogelijk kan leren. Jammer dat Amsterdam voor mij net wat ver is, ik had het heel gezellig gevonden :).


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